Khamis, 3 Mac 2011


Do you know who is this? holding a trophy and smile like a douchebag? and had a douchebag-style hair? this douchebag is Syamsul Yusof, son of Yusof Haslam. I bet you all have seen him before this. He is a director and actor (always be the main actor in his shit film). He directed some shit films such Khurafat, Evolusi KL Drift, Bohsia and more shit films. Did i put 'more' there? I don't know. He is totally don't have any talent, just know about rempits, drift posers, bohsia and anything doesn't sound good for humanity. 

Why i listed him as the biggest douchbag in Malaysia? Look at him, seriously, he had a look of douchbag, douchebag smile, douchbag hair. Yes there were a lots of douchebag in Malaysia but why Syamsul? 
<--- ini bukan samseng

The answer is. Because he had shows his douchebagnity to Malaysian. If you live in Penang and Syamsul is in KL, and he doesn't appear to TV or movies, you and no one else will know that he is a douchebag. Now everyone knew. This is too late Syamsul. What a douchebag you are..

p/s: next time i'll will blog about your films, douche! it sucks at all..

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  1. forgot to add this. PLEASE KILL YOURSELF SYAMSUL