Jumaat, 4 Mac 2011

Oh Men Leggings

The pic above that look like a used toilet paper is SKINNY JEANS wore by a man. The man who think he is sexy and gay. Guys today (except me and good people) love to wear a jeans like this. What is in their mind? "My leg is sexay!!!" or "Look at me, no! look at my leg, is it too tight?". This kind of people eat s#it, truly they are. They look's like mobile-used-toilet-paper. and they proud to be mobile-used-toilet-paper.

"Am i look like used toilet paper?"

Yes you are loser, you are my used toilet paper. I don't know, this s#it trend is become worse and totally hits Malaysia. They are some s#its from local band also wore this skinnyshits jeans.
Shit pic below is the sucker Noh Hujan. He is one of douchbaggers in Malaysia, he totally can't sing. Everybody can follow and sing like him. He is totally loser and Hujan band also sucks all the way. And who claim themselves as Hujan Raingers is a dumb and spastic. By the way, he is one of skinny jeans people.

I don't know. They are up to date as shit. The 'bird' inside is dying man!!! Oh you skinny jeans people, why don'y take a try to wear this?

This is more fits to ya. More tight than your skinny jeans. This kind of pants can reveal your inner athletic spirit. Because you just look like a ...

Guys you have to try this, and kill yourself in a raging river. Sure you have to kill yourself. I'm encourage you. And more, girl who like to wear anything that Cheetah-looks-like is sucks too.
I have a new terms for you all skinny-jeans people............................

and don't forget to kill yourself 

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