Khamis, 3 Mac 2011

PENGKID- the girl who can accept their gender

I love girls. I bet all of you guys love girls (except gay; they love horses). anytime kat mane2 je girls, will always be guys attention at all. But, have your mood ever spoiled by a short-douchebag-hairstyle girl, which is wearing men attire?. Kebanyakannye with collar T-shirt, big sized shirt, a cap, a baggy pants, baggy short pants and anything that can spoil guys mood? 

Acting like a true man, walking tough like shit and have a nice looking beautiful girlfriend (boiled us!!) - they are  ------------>PENGKID.

Pengkid? I really hate this species of girl. Do you think you can cheat us to death that you are GIRL. Totally girl. Why you choose to be pengkid? are you that ugly to be like a man? can't accept your gender? the shit pic above is Amani, i don't know whether she is pengkid or not. Or she maybe just acting to be like losers, off course she is a loser. Most of pengkid used to wear like that. Like a mangkuk jamban. We people, must killed this 'man-looking-girl' species at all costs. Here are the list of the way to kill pengkid; 

  • stab in their chest with sharp bamboo
  • hit them with a rental car, then do a reverse-forward-reverse to make sure their dead bodies bind together with the road asphalt.
  • drown them in a pool of 'budu'
  • put a gun in their head and force them to swallow a basket of durian till die.
  • put them in a cage with gay, give them sharp weapon to fight with gay. ( if one of them remain alive after the fight, shot to death)
  • force them to swallow sarang kerengga that full with that insect.
  • more.. you can add one..  its up to you. enjoy the killing season.

Hey pengkid! what are you eh? then nak rebel, lawan fatwa, want to be a man? I challenge you to get outside from your stinky room, with no shirt, nothing on your upper body. proof that you are a man. Real man don't have a matter to show their upper body to everyone. I bet you can't. Because you are a girl at all. 

The door is still open, its up to you. Be a girl. Because you are totally girl. Act like a man and seduce pretty girl is wrong. They (pretty girls) are belong to kaum Adam. You sure have a bright future as a girl. Never ruin your future by being man-looking-girls. It sucks. Kill yourself before it was too late. 

Change, or kill yourself, or wait for us to kill you.

What? a broken English with mixed Malay? better than be a pengkid or gay.
Who cares.

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  1. Err...this entry is right! But...the language for me is too rude. :)